Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lebanese forces fighting: matghayar + Samir Geagea speech

Don't forget to vote for the lebanese forces and for 14 march today!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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المزيد من القنوات | Watch moreTv

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

---------------The Lebanese Forces--------------

--------------††††††† LEBANESEFORCES †††††††----------

Lebanese Forces Cross: Inspired from the eastern crosses and symbolizes 3 things:

1- The Cross of our savior Jesus ChristIn red, the sign of martyrdom and glory.

2- The bearing cross of the Lebanese ChristiansThe sign of their suffering throughout history.

3- The Diagonal cut at the base of the crossIt symbolizes the strength of the Lebanese Christians' will and their determination to keep the cross planted in this region of the world.


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Lebanese Forces sacred cause:

Ensuring a sovereign, free, and secure Lebanon for all its citizens equally. Establishing a system of government whereas the superstructure (the government) is congruent with the infrastructure (the society) resulting in a fair, true and balanced political participation. Promoting a political system built on three basic principles: diversity, freedom to foster development and democracy representative of the diversity that exists in the Lebanese Society. Halting support to any ideology or movement that works directly or indirectly to joining Lebanon to another country. Adopting a neutral foreign policy to provide for internal security and to allow for freedom to build foreign international relations. The "Lebanese Forces" peaked in its organization and modernization. After the signing of the "TAEF Accord" on October 24, 1989 with international and regional blessings, it transformed its military resistance into a political resistance. Hence, the "Lebanese Forces Party", with its 30,000 members not counting their families, was formed on September 10, 1990 based on three undisputed principles: Safeguarding Lebanons independence, sovereignty and distinct identity within its Internationally recognized borders. Founding the Lebanese Government on the basic principles of human rights. Establishing a democratic system whereas freedom and Human Rights of every citizen are protected and guaranteed.